July and August 2017 and a big answer to prayer regarding Stephanie’s visa

The summer months came, and they have passed on. Although the weather feels like summer most of the year, we have entered into the school year. In July, we were very busy with preparation while the students were on their break. One of the couples that was here in June returned to help us with different construction projects. We enjoyed working alongside of them as well as times of fellowship in our home. While they were with us, Bro. Autrey had a group of teenagers come to minister in the mountains in a Vacation Bible School. Before they left, we had a special youth activity with many visitors in attendance. The following week, Tim’s sister came to help us with teacher orientation as well as training for our English-speaking professors. We are thankful for her valuable input and experience as we prepared for the upcoming school year. Afterwards, Landon and Elena enjoyed showing their aunt a few of the sites here in the capitol. The following week, Bro. Autrey’s sending church sent a work group down to continue the work that began in June with desk construction and bathroom overhaul in the school. We are very grateful for all of these people who sacrificed time, money, and vacation to use their talents and abilities to help us in the ministry in the Dominican Republic.

In August, the physical work continued as well as preparation for the start of school. Tim was able to preach on a few occasions as well as assist in the music programs. Stephanie taught in Spanish a few times during the summer, and she is looking forward to teaching every other week in her Sunday School class as she continues to put her Spanish into practice. New Life Christian Academy opened their doors on August 21. Like last year, Tim is teaching the high school Bible classes while Stephanie teaches 5th and 6th grade English. The school serves as another outreach into our community, and we are thankful for the open doors given to the church to reach the students as well as their families. On a personal note, Landon began his school in K-4 this month, and it is hard to believe that he is already in school.

We would like to also say a special thank you to those of you who faithfully prayed for our visa situations these past twelve months. While Tim and the kids received their visas in December, Stephanie was missing a vital document to continue her process. After turning her application in the last part of April, we waited for the next four months for the office to check all of the information and approve the visa. Last week, we received the confirmation to come in pick up her visa, and today we were able to come home with her one year residency visa! With these yearly residency visas, we can continue the process with renewals in order to receive more permanent visas.

Thank you for your prayers and support for our family. Would you pray with us about the following matters?

  1. Salvation and growth of the students and their families
  2. Start of a weekly youth meeting every Saturday to accompany the teen Sunday School class
  3. Tim’s young adult Sunday school class and Stephanie’s class for the younger children
  4. New Life Baptist Church and ministries
  5. Resurrection Baptist Seminary

May the Lord continue to reward you for your service. Dios les bendiga!

One thought on “July and August 2017 and a big answer to prayer regarding Stephanie’s visa

  1. Thanking the Lord for answered prayers! Always good to hear from you! You are in our thoughts and prayers! We love you. Keep up the good work for the Lord!

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