October and November 2018

We apologize for not publishing as often as we were beforehand on our blog. We¬†wanted to fill you in on the past two months as well as our upcoming Christmas outreaches. In October, Tim filled in on Sunday evenings for a fellow missionary who needed to take a brief furlough. Also, he preached the thirty-ninth anniversary service for Resurrection Baptist Church. Bro. Autrey worked first in this ministry at Resurrection upon arriving in the country before planting New Life years later. The theme for the conference was “Come unto Me” taken from Matthew 11. Praise the Lord for a packed house as well as for those who trusted Christ as their Savior and those who made other decisions. In the school, Stephanie has had many opportunities to share the gospel these past two months with her students. Two of these students on different occasions asked to know more, and she was able to share the gospel with them again. We were excited to see them both place their faith in the Lord in salvation. Please pray as we have open doors in the school that we would be able to clearly present the gospel again with our students.

In November, Tim’s sister and brother-in-law came to visit for a few days. We enjoyed time¬† with them as well as showing them around the city and the island, and Landon and Elena especially had fun with their aunt and uncle. We had a great Thanksgiving celebrating with the Autreys and their family. Even though it is not a holiday here, we take time each year to get together as well as thank the Lord for all that He has done for us. We also celebrated Elena’s fourth birthday this month. It is hard to believe that she was born four years ago! Throughout the month, Tim worked on the renewal for his and the kids’ visas. He submitted and paid for them last week, and we are only waiting on the picture in order to receive them for another year. Once we renew a few more years, we will then only have to renew them once every five years.

Each year in December, we participate in a number of Christmas outreaches with the ministry here. On December 22, Bro. Autrey will host the national pastors who have been trained through the ministry and will give them all food and monetary gifts for Christmas. At the beginning of next year, we will visit one of the local orphanages as well as travel to one of the sugarcane villages to celebrate Christmas with the children. Please pray for these different outreaches, for God’s provision, a time of refreshment for these pastors, and opportunities to witness. Also, we were wanting to take a trip out to Barahona earlier in the fall, but the Lord closed the door. Lord willing, we will visit the city as a family for a few days in the coming weeks in order to do some surveying and scouting. Would you please join together with us in prayer for the different outreaches as well as our trip to Barahona?

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support for our family. May God bless you!

Trip to Barahona – July 2018

The Lord has placed it on our hearts to plant a church in the city of Barahona, Dominican Republic once we return from our furlough in 2020. This video shows some brief shots of Tim’s trip there in July. Lord willing, we will visit the city again in the coming month. Thank you for your continued prayers for us.

Our Latest Prayer Letter along with some Future Plans

Please take a moment to read our latest update along. In this update, we wanted to inform you that we will be returning to the United States for our first furlough from May 2019 until March 2020. We look forward to seeing many of you all during this trip. Also, please pray as we are planning for the next stage of our ministry. After our return, the Lord has placed it on our hearts to launch out and plant a church. We are currently praying about a few different locations. Please join us in prayer for the Lord’s will in this area as well as in our upcoming survey trips to these different places.

March/April 2018

September and October 2017 Update and another Milestone

A little more than two months have come and gone in the 2017-2018 school year at New Life Christian Academy. We have been able to settle into a good routine with our classes, and we are encouraged by their growth. Landon is adjusting well also to school. His knowledge and use of Spanish has grown exponentially since he started, and we are even seeing a difference with Elena. We are praising the Lord for a few decisions made by the students to trust in the Lord as their Savior so far this year!

The Resurrection Baptist Seminary began their new semester during October. This year, we have sought to not only help with the financial expenses of the seminary but also to expand the outreach and training of Dominican men and women in service for the Lord. Instead of bringing everyone here from around the island every Saturday, we have divided the seminary into five campuses. The main seminary meets here in Santo Domingo at New Life, and there are four other campuses spread out around the island. We are recording any live lectures given here in the capitol in order to supplement and help the other campuses and their training. Two of these campuses are new locations with new students. Please continue to pray as we teach, train, and impact this next generation as they prepare for service.

In the church, things have continued to move along well. Tim was able to fill in for Bro. Autrey while he was working on the loan for the church and school property in the States. We are asking that you would pray for this endeavor that everything would be finalized and that we would be able to get this loan before the end of the year. During this time, Tim and the assistant pastor were able to perform a baby dedication for a new addition to two of Tim’s students in his Sunday School class. We were also able to establish the weekly youth meeting on Saturday night as we all labor together to minister to our teenagers in the church. Stephanie has been able to disciple one of these teenagers, and she is grateful for an even greater opportunity to teach this young lady.

During September, one of Stephanie’s friends came with her cousin to minister in a few of the orphanages in the capitol. We always enjoy visiting and ministering to these precious children, and Stephanie especially was thankful for this time with her friend while she was here.

With our visas, Timothy and the children are beginning the process for their yearly visa renewal. This renewal process is not as involved as the initial application, but we are asking for your prayers that there would be no complications and that they would be able to receive it quickly.

We had another milestone this past month-we moved to the Dominican Republic two years ago! It is hard to believe that two years have passed, but we are so thankful for what the Lord has done and taught us in our time here. Thank you also to those of you who have prayed for us and supported us. We are looking forward to another year of service here in the Dominican Republic.