Stateside Mailing Address:

Timothy Germano
24165 Creekview Lane
Carrollton, VA 23314


Vonage Phone Number:


Dominican Phone Number:


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi! This is Kari Maddox.
    We go to Kerwin and we just wanted you to know our son, James, has chosen your family to pray for in the Awanas project he is completing. We are sending a birthday card to your son, and we hope it arrives in time. Going to send it now!

    I hope it is warm there! We are having an incredible cold snap. It’s 22 degrees today, and James and Clare have enjoyed a week of two hour delays due to the cold.

    May God Bless You,
    Love, Jim, Kari, Clare and James Maddox

    • Praise the Lord! That is so thoughtful of you all. It is warm here! Although, many of the Dominicans wear jackets at times during the winter even though it is still warm.
      God bless you,
      The Germano family

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