Family Week for WWNTBM and Meeting at Trinity Baptist Church

photoWe had the privilege to attend Family Fellowship Week for our mission board from June 17-20, 2013 at Memorial Baptist Church in Ocala, FL. It was a joy to meet many missionaries serving with our board along with the board members. Also, we had a small college reunion with some of our fellow missionaries the Browns, Knickerbockers, McElreaths, and Rebekah Pari.

Afterwards, we were able to spend a few days with my sister and her husband in St. Petersburg, FL before we traveled to our next meeting. We visited North Gainesville Baptist Church on Sunday morning before heading to Trinity Baptist Church in Milton, FL to present the work and preach. We enjoyed the fellowship with the church and with Pastor Paul Woody, who served as a missionary to the Dominican Republic for 8 years.

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