Virginia to Maryland and Back

Gateway Baptist in Blacksburg, VAOn Wednesday, April 9, we had the privilege to attend my brother’s church in Blacksburg, VA, Gateway Baptist Church. Pastor Souther was gracious to allow us to kick off his mission emphasis through presenting, singing, and preaching. It was a joy to be in this thriving ministry just a few miles away from Virginia Tech.

On my birthday, Sunday, April 13, Pastor Roger Sebrel invited usHRIBC to join them for their Sunday services at Hampton Roads Independent Baptist Church and talk about the work in the Dominican Republic. Pastor and I met years ago when I interned at a church in Hampton, VA, and he was true to his word in inviting us to present once we started deputation.

image (2)From Wednesday to Friday, April 16-18, we traveled to and attended the mission conference at Ambassador Baptist in Frederick, MD. Pastor Fry, the church, and the other missionaries were an encouragement to us during the conference. On Thursday and Friday morning, we were able to visit one new church plant and one reopened church in neighboring cities to help them evangelize and spread the news about their ministries.

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness as we travel. Over the past few weeks, we have received calls and messages from a number of churches that we had visited in the past few months notifying us of our new status as one of their missionaries. Based on those numbers, we will be at 46% support once it begins in the next month. God does provide!

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