Carolina, Resurrection, and a Big Announcement!

Grace Baptist in Woodland, NCOn Wednesday, March 25, we made our way to Woodland, NC to join Grace Baptist Church for their midweek service. Pastor Russell, a veteran missionary to the Midwest, allowed us to present the work and field questions from the people. It was a blessing to see him and his son serving together at the church.

On Sunday, March 29, we had two churches on the schedule. In the morning, we headed to High Point, NC Highland Baptist in High Point, NCfor the Sunday School and morning service at Highland Baptist. Tim was able to present the work, give testimony, and teach the adult Sunday School class. We enjoyed meeting Pastor and Mrs. Eaton and spending time with them at lunch. In the evening, Pastor Baker and Northwood Baptist Church invited us to join Northwood Baptistthem for their service. Again, it was a privilege to share our testimony and the work God has given us to do. After the presentation, Pastor Baker came to the platform and made a motion to add us to their missionary family! Praise the Lord for more churches that have partnered with us!

As we reflected on Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection these past few days, I could not help but think of what Easter family picturePaul said in Romans 4:25, “Who was delivered for our offenses, and was raised again for our justification“. It still amazes me how God gave His very Best to pay and die for my sin debt and how Jesus Christ rose again so that I can stand righteous before God! I am glad that I serve a Risen Savior!

We wanted to pass along to everyone a big announcement – we have completed our outfit and passage fund! We want to thank everyone who gave sacrificially so that we can travel to and set up house in the Dominican Republic. May God bless you for your gifts to us!

2 thoughts on “Carolina, Resurrection, and a Big Announcement!

  1. Praise the Lord. I have been praying for you guys for over a year, almost every day. It has been such an encouragement to see how the Lord provides for you. I know personally my church thinks and prays for you often.

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