Friend Day, Thanksgiving, and Language Study

IMG_20151114_112925475Thank you for those who prayed for our tract outreach and Friend Day. We were able to pass out many flyers and tracts around our new neighborhood on Saturday, November 14. On Sunday, God blessed our Friend Day service with visitors and a powerful message from God’s Word. It was exciting to see one of the families that we invited come to church that morning.

Two weeks ago, Stephanie and I were able to help in a smallIMG_20151113_165609505 way with a missionary group from the states. We even hosted them for a meal in our house, boxes and all. They ministered in various ways during their week trip. We are praising the Lord for the children that were saved through the outreaches in the sugar cane villages and the orphanages.

12243485_916888901681278_5030778395469928994_nWe trust that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was a blessing to spend this holiday with some of the missionaries in the country. We truly have much to be thankful for!  We are enjoying settling in to this new place of ministry. We are beginning our Spanish classes this week with a teacher from the Christian School out of the church. Please pray as we study the language that God would aid us in learning not only the language, but the culture as well. It is our desire to reach the Dominicans with the gospel, and we are eagerly anticipating the privilege of sharing with them in their own language.

2 thoughts on “Friend Day, Thanksgiving, and Language Study

    • Dominican Mailing Address for Letters:
      New Life Baptist Church
      Att: TG
      BM 7009
      8400 NW 25th Street
      Suite 110
      Doral, FL 33122

      Dominican Mailing Address for Packages:
      Ronnie Autrey, TG
      3170 Airman Drive
      Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

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