Prayers for Stephanie

Dear Praying Friends,

We trust that you had a wonderful time with family and friends on our nation’s birthday this past week. We are asking for prayers for Stephanie. Last week, she developed a serious eye infection. After further investigation and tests, it was determined that she had salmonella in the eye. The doctors began a rigorous regiment of strong eye drops to eradicate the infection. Praise the Lord the infection is slowing getting better with each passing day. However, it has caused significant irritation to the eye as well as an ulcer covering her pupil. We are asking the Lord to remove the infection completely so that the irritation will subside and the doctors can begin treatment on the ulcer. As with any eye infection and ulcer, there is significant chance for scarring and loss of some of the vision in the eye. Would you please pray with us in the following areas?

  1. Removal of the infection through the treatments
  2. Healing of the ulcer covering the pupil
  3. Soothing of the intense irritation in her eye
  4. No permanent damage to her eye or vision

We serve a God Who is able and Who has a plan for us. Thank you for your faithful prayers for our family. We are looking forward to what God has in store.


God bless,

Timothy and Stephanie Germano


2 thoughts on “Prayers for Stephanie

  1. We most certainly will be praying for Stephanie! Will put her on the prayer list at church tonight also! Keep us informed please!

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