Another Praise and Prayer Update for Stephanie

We were blessed and encouraged over the last few weeks as we read so many special notes and e-mails of support and prayer for our family. The Lord has definitely used this experience to help teach us patience and reliance on Him and His plan.

Stephanie’s eye infection from the Salmonella bacteria cleared up a few weeks ago. The doctor changed the treatment some to help in the healing process of the ulcer. Last week, he asked her if she was able to see out of her right eye. She told him no, but she hoped to see more when the ulcer dissolved. He then informed her that the ulcer was in fact gone, and the scar that was covering much of her eye and the swelling were hindering her vision. We left discouraged but knowing that God had a plan. At her appointment on Monday, the doctor gave the same report about the severity of the scar and the slow healing process ahead of her. However, she began to notice a change on Tuesday and Wednesday, and we noted that there had been a drastic change in the size of the scar and “cloudiness” in her eye. Before, we were unable to see her pupil and most of her iris, but the “cloudiness” was gone and the scar was much smaller.  On Thursday at her appointment, the doctor repeatedly said “Oh” and “Wow” before calling in another doctor that practiced with him. As they rapidly talked back and forth in Spanish, Stephanie said that she began to feel anxious about a new problem. After a few minutes, the doctor switched to English and told her that there was not a problem. He said that he and the other doctor were just discussing how fast the eye was healing from the infection and how rare that it is! We are praising the Lord for what He has done, and we are comforted to know that healing is in His hands!

We are praying that the healing process would continue to progress. Her cornea is still swollen, but she is able to open her eye a little more every day. Would you continue to pray with us in the following areas:

1. Swelling in the cornea to subside
2. Continued healing of the eye and the scar
3. Return of her vision (she can now see basic shapes)
4. Good testimony and more opportunities to witness to the doctors

Thank you so much for your prayers! We are so thankful to have so many people praying for us!

3 thoughts on “Another Praise and Prayer Update for Stephanie

  1. We are praying for you all daily. God’s love is truly extraordinary! Love to all, Aunt Linda & Uncle Jim

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