September 2016

2016-09-11_160236518_7f4f6_iosIt was exciting to witness God’s hand moving during the month of September. In the Dominican Republic, September is the month of the Bible. Throughout these days, we focused on this theme in the messages and Sunday school lessons. Tim was able to preach two messages in this series: one on Ezra’s preparation in the Scriptures and another on Apollos’ knowledge of the Scriptures. We challenged the people to learn memory verses to img_20160915_201334131recite each week during the service, and we are thankful that many of the members took this challenge to heart in hiding God’s Word in their heart. Stephanie was able to share a devotional in this theme during the monthly ladies’ meeting. She taught the ladies on the importance of the Bible in the lives of Mary, Anna, and Priscilla. On the final Sunday, two of the Sunday school classes shared songs and memory verses during the morning service. We were very proud of Landon as he worked hard to memorize the verses and song in Spanish.

img-20160915-wa0003The students and teachers began to settle into a routine in the academy these past few weeks. We have made a concentrated effort in sharing the gospel with the students in the chapel services, classrooms, and all around the school. The Lord placed it on Tim’s heart to preach in chapel on the relationship of works and salvation, and three of the students sought him out later in the day to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. You can read more about this in the previous post. In the school as a whole, dozens of children and teenagers have come forward to get saved. For example, last week following the chapel service, the preacher asked the students who raised their hand for salvation to stay behind, and 23 students remained to hear the salvation message again and ask questions about what to do next! I overheard one of them as they were returning to class seek out one of the staff members to tell them of their decision to follow Christ! Some of the school students joined our youth from the church in a Saturday night youth meeting, and 7 teenagers placed their faith in Christ. We are praising the Lord for His working on the hearts of these precious souls. God is doing a work here in the ministry. Please pray as we seek to disciple these new believers!

One more highlight during the month was screenshot_20161004-104021the opportunity for Tim to preach his first message in Spanish. He was thankful for the encouragement and support of the members as they listened. He has also enjoyed the privilege to help lead in some of the services in Spanish. We are humbled to be a part of what God is doing in His harvest field.

Highlights and Prayer Requests

  • Discipleship: Please continue to pray as we seek to disciple these new converts in the Word of God.
  • Visas: Tim and the kids are at the end of the visa process. Pray as they are verifying everything and for Stephanie as she needs a few more items of paperwork in order to finish her visa.
  • Stephanie’s eye: We are also asking for continued prayer for Stephanie’s eye. The healing process has slowed some, but we are grateful for the eyesight that has returned.
  • Moving: Another prayer request is for our move during October. Our landlord is selling our apartment, but we found one on the other side of the church. Pray as we get everything in order to make this transition.



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