Answer to Prayer and the “Germano Minute”

We wanted to pass along to you an answer to prayer! We have been praying for Landon’s salvation since we knew that Stephanie was expecting him. In the past year, he has asked a number of questions about salvation, but he was not ready to admit his sin and ask God for forgiveness. We continued to work with him and to pray that God would show him his need of salvation. This past Sunday, he went to Tim after children’s church and told him that he asked Christ to save him. We talked with his teacher and later talked with him throughout the week about his decision. During Bible class in school, Stephanie reviewed the story of Nicodemus and how we must be born again in order to go to Heaven. When she was explaining it, Landon told her that he had made that decision and that he had asked Christ to save him! Please pray that God would solidify this decision in his heart and that he would grow in his new walk.

Please take a moment to read our latest prayer letter. We also would love for you to watch our latest video update entitled “Germano Minute.” Lord willing, we will be posting more of these videos during furlough as well as during our second term.

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