Conference at Hico and a Look into the Past

image (2)Our busy fall schedule continued with meetings in 3 different churches in less than a week. From November 6-8, we were able to take part in a few days of the mission conference at Hico Baptist Church in Graham, NC. We enjoyed spending time with Pastor Mros, meeting the church, and talking with other missionaries and our mission board president Dr. Whetstone and his wife. It was a joy to not only present the work in the DR to the adults but also to spend one night with the children.

On Sunday, November 10, we returned to the church that Stephanie and her family attended in Bedford when they lived in Virginia. She was excited to take part in the mission’s month at Calvary Baptist Church where she learned so much as a child. Pastor Lyons and Pastor Hester were so generous to allow us to present and preach.

On Wednesday, November 13, we attended Gospel Light Baptist Church in Walkertown, NC to photogive our presentation. This is another church and ministry that had a significant impact on Stephanie’s life as she attended and graduated from their Christian school. We are thankful for the opportunity that Pastor Roberson gave us to talk about our mission work and the time spent meeting with friends at the church.

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