Virginia Meetings

Gospel Light Baptist in Covington, VAWe have traveled to different parts of Virginia over the past week. On February 2, we had a last minute cancellation, and we were able to attend the church where Tim was raised. Pastor Gray graciously allowed him to preach and give a report on our travels. On Wednesday, February 5, we drove to Covington, VA to preach and present in Gospel Light Baptist Church. It was a joy to meet Pastor and Mrs. Nicely who have been faithfully serving in the ministry for over 50 years! On Sunday, February 9, we presented in Faith Baptist Church in Staunton, VA. We were thankful for the opportunity given to us by Pastor Brown to speak about our burden for the people of the Dominican Republic.

We are now at 30% support with more promised to come in the coming months! Also, we have already raised over $3,000 of the amount needed for our Faith Baptist in Staunton, VAdeparture. Praise the Lord for His provision. Please continue to pray for us as we travel and as we finish scheduling meetings for this year. Also, we ask that you join in prayer for us as we are aiming to be on the field by June 2015.

2 thoughts on “Virginia Meetings

  1. Tim

    Good Morning. I spoke with Pastor Heath Spivey, Pastor, Crossroads Baptist Church and informed him you would be calling him. Please followup on this.

    Enjoyed our meeting with you, I really thought we would get to hear you preach, however, the words you spoke, I know your on the right path. m God Bless and hope to see you soon at Crossroads.

    Fred Zirkle

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