West and East Virginia

Marion Ind. Baptist ChurchThe last few weeks we have seen snowy, cold West Virginia and warm, sunny east Virginia; it is amazing what a week brings temperature wise! On Sunday, February 16, we were in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia at Marion Independent Baptist Church in Rivesville. We were excited about the invitation given to us by Pastor Toothman to participate in their mission’s month services. We were able to teach Sunday school, present, and preach the afternoon service. It was also a special surprise to eat many delicious Dominican dishes from the church family at lunch.

From Wednesday to Sunday, February 19-23, we were able to attend the mission conference at Stephanie teaching at Maranatha Baptist ChurchMaranatha Baptist Church in Yorktown, VA. Our hearts were overwhelmed through the Christ-like spirit and generosity in their church. Pastor Coffey allowed us to present the work and minister to the children on Wednesday night and in Sunday school. The church family was so excited about the cause of world evangelism, and they sacrificially and abundantly gave to us in help of our ministry and personal needs. We were surprised again to be able to have wonderful Dominican dishes at their International banquet on Saturday!

Praise the Lord we are now at 36% of our needed support! God is good, all the time. Also, we have received more outfit and passage support in the last few weeks. Thank you so much for your prayers!

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