Carolina and Georgia

Lighthouse Baptist in Seagrove, NC   We continued a busy schedule at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Seagrove, NC on January 28. Pastor Poindexter invited us to join them for the last night of their church mission conference. It was enriching to see the congregation sing and listen intently and enthusiastically to the presentation and preaching. Dr. Scott Caudill preached a powerful and convicting message as always regarding God’s blessing on a church that supports world evangelism. Pastor called us afterwards to tell us of the church’s vote to partner with us financially!

On Wednesday, February 4, we attended Meadows Baptist Church in Walnut Cove, NC. Pastor Craig graciMeadows Baptist Church in Walnut Cove, NCously allowed us to share a testimony and present the work. We enjoyed being able to see some familiar faces in the congregation Trulite Baptist in High Point, NCas well as make new friends. Sunday, February 8 brought us to Trulite Baptist Church, located in High Point, NC. It was a joy to be with Pastor Whiteheart and his wife, Stephanie’s aunt and uncle, during their evening service. We had the privilege to testify, present, and sing in the service, and we were challenged from the message to strive for the Lord’s work.

On Sunday, February 15, we drove down to Gray, GA to be with Calvary Baptist Church. We were able toCalvary Baptist and Pastor Mundy in Gray, GA sing, testify, present, and preach. Pastor Mundy, Pastor Chapman, and the church members were so welcoming, and we enjoyed the fellowship with them after the service. We had a short trip on Wednesday, February 18 to be with True Gospel Baptist Church in cold Madison, NC. We enjoyed seeing Pastor Manuel and many familiar faces True Gospel Baptist in Madison, NCamong the congregation. Pastor allowed us to sing, testify, present, and preach from the Word of God. It was great to be a part of their midweek prayer service.

We continue to plug away at the 2015 deputation year. God has continually provided for all of our needs as He promised He would! We have been encouraged to hear from a number of churches recently regarding new financial support. Also, please pray for us as we begin the visa process to move to the Dominican later this year.

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