February 2016

February has come and almost gone! We continue working away on our language classes three times a week. We are thankful for Adones, our Spanish tutor, who can work with each of us on our specific needs. He teaches in the Christian school and attends the church. We have already learned so much, but there is much more to learn!

Francisco passing out tractsBefore the church’s 15th Anniversary service on the 7th of February, we were able to pass out many flyers and tracts in the surrounding neighborhoods. Praise the Lord for my two partners. They are twin boys in the 6th grade with a desire to serve the Lord! They boldlyAnniversary Sunday spoke with everyone who received a tract and invitation. May we all be a strong witness for the Lord. On the Sunday, we had a full pavilion despite the rain (torrential at times). Pastor Davis, a visiting pastor from the states,Singing in Spanish preached a powerful sermon, and five people placed their faith in Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! On Monday and Tuesday, we continued the celebration with stirring revival services with Pastor Davis. We even had the privilege with the Lord’s help to sing two specials in Spanish.

High School ChapelI was able to speak in chapel on Wednesday of that week to the high school students. I challenged them about the salvation that is found only in the name of Jesus Christ and the command to live and tell this message. On Saturday, February 13, we began helping Youth Servicewith the monthly youth servicea. We had a time of activities and food before a message from God’s Word. I preached for Bro. Autrey on Valentine’s Day to the church regarding “A True Disciple“. "A True Disciple"During the invitation, a few more precious souls prayed to God in salvation! We, as believers, have an awesome privilege and responsibility to share the wonderful words of life with a lost and dying world!

Work continues to be underway in renovatWorking at the new propertying one of the buildings on the new property in order to hold our church services in the coming weeks. Please pray for this endeavor as well as the renovation work in the main building for the school and seminary. Lord-willing, they will began utilizing this new location by the end of March. Thank you so much for your prayers for God’s work here in the Dominican Republic; we know that we have so many people who are praying for us!

One thought on “February 2016

  1. Thanks for the update! So encouraging to hear about how the Lord is working! Keep on serving Him – we are praying for you.

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